Wanstead Baptist Church is Protestant and Evangelical, standing for the fundamentals of the Christian Faith. It is in membership with the London Baptist Association and is Affiliated with the North-East Group of Baptist Churches. It is also in membership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland. It is also a long-standing member of the Evangelical Alliance subscribing to a traditional view of the Bible and marriage. For more information on this, visit: http://www.eauk.org

We believe first and foremost that anyone who confesses faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and yields control of their life to Him enters into fellowship with God – for this life and the next. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and provides us with a manual that we can base our lives upon. In a world of relativism, voicing one’s beliefs often means the end of conversation. We are quite open to listening to your perspective and hope you will come and meet us regardless of what you believe and we can discuss these things further.

Statement of Faith

This Church shall consist of believers holding the doctrines of:

‘The Divine inspiration of the Scriptures
The Trinity in Unity of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
The Deity and Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ, including His virgin birth and bodily resurrection
The Personality of the Holy Spirit
The fall of man
The atonement by the Blood of Christ
Justification through faith
The personality of the devil
The resurrection of the body and immortality of the soul
The eternal security of the believer
The eternal punishment of the impenitent
The second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ’